“I knew I had a feeling for art when I was just a kid,” Fred comments when “talking story” about his life and profession, “…but, like most artists, I made my living doing other things while I explored my craft.”

DSC04603Fred was born on Kaua`i, spent some years on O`ahu  working a variety of jobs, and then found himself back on Kaua`i.  “Life can be challenging,” he says with a smile, “and I’ve tried to learn something from everything.  Never forget where you come from, what is really important and what isn’t.”  Fred studied extensively under the highly regarded Leonard Herbert until his mentor’s passing, and is himself known for a finely executed, adventurous style of impressionism that brings the rich heritage of island culture and historical depth to life.

Fred’s work is noted for his approach to the building of colors, and an ability to capture the mana…the spirit…of the moment.  He can often be found at one of his favorite scenic spots around Kaua’i, creating a new and unique image.  His art has earned recognition throughout the Pacific Rim and is offered in finer galleries, online and directly from the artist.

Articles & Press on the Artist


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Fred’s art is featured in these fine Galleries:


Amy-Lauren’s Gallery in Hanapepe, Kauai